2016 Canadian Olympic Dressage Rankings as of March 20

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Article from Equestrian Connection

In the absence of any official information from Equine Canada (EC) on the Canadian Olympic dressage criteria, we have been keeping an updated (UNOFFICIAL) ranking list.

This list includes declared athletes only.
See EC’s list of declared athletes.

Belinda Trussell enjoyed another fantastic outing, achieving a personal best in the Grand Prix Speciale and overtaking Leah Wilkins to lead the standings.Chris von Martels who moved up one notch thanks to an improved Grand Prix score. This will be an interesting pair to watch as they are still extremely early in their partnership and there are still over 3 months left to attain qualifying scores.

Although the criteria is not public, what we do know is that it requires horse/rider combinations to submit:

  • Four (4) scores achieved within the period of January 1, 2016 to July 3, 2016.
  • A maximum of two (2) scores can be from the Grand Prix Speciale.
  • A maximum of two (2) scores can be from the same competition

So bear this in mind when looking at the scores accrued to date by these riders as a number are still working towards achieving all 4 scores.

Canada Secures 2 Individual Olympic Slots

Since Canada was not able to qualify a team for the Rio Olympics at the 2015 Pan American Games (that slot went to the USA), we did achieve an individual ticket thanks to Belinda Trussell & Anton‘s individual placing at the Pan Ams.

A second individual slot was achieved by Canada thanks to Megan Lane & Caravella‘s top placing in the FEI Group D & E on the FEI Olympic Athletes Ranking list. (see below).

The composite team has gone to Denmark as a result of their athlete’s top placings in the FEI Olympic Ranking List.

Who will Represent Canada in Rio?

Once the FEI formally notifies Equine Canada of their 2 individual spots, and EC confirms they will be filling these, all that is left now is for EC to identify who will be riding in Rio.

Hopefully this will be of help for you to keep track and cheer on your favourite horse/rider combination!

Next up in the calendar are:
March 29 – April 3: Global Dressage Festival CDI-W, Wellington, Florida
March 30 – April 2: San Juan Capistrano CDI3*, California
May 19 – 22: Ottawa CDI3*, Ontario
June 9 – 12: Thunderbird CDI3*, British Columbia


 Rankings as of March 20, 2016
Belinda Trussell
72.860 (GP) 70.740 (GP)
71.431 (GPS)
Leah Wilkins
Fabian JS
71.700 (GP)
72.863 (GPS)
Megan Lane
64.880 (GP)
69.000 (GPS)
67.240 (GP)
69.078 (GPS)
69.780 (GP)
65.490 (GPS)
69.360 (GP)
69.980 (GPS)
Karen Pavicic
Don Daiquiri
70.840 (GP)
70.157 (GPS)
67.640 (GP) 65.360 (GP) 68.200 (GP) 69.209
Chris von Martels
66.700 (GP)
66.000 (GPS)
66.280 (GP)
67.660(GP) 68.320(GP)
69.059 (GPS)
Jacqueline Brooks
D Niro
68.500 (GP) 68.200 (GP) 67.520 (GP) 68.780 (GP) 68.940 (GP) 68.605
Brittany Fraser
All In
64.920 (GP) 68.380 (GP) 66.380 (GP) 68.560 (GP)
67.882 (GPS)
67.200 (GP) 67.440(GP) 68.066
Jill Irving
Degas 12
68.600 (GP) 66.941 (GP) 67.880 (GP) 66.460 (GP)
67.140 (GP)
67.373 (GPS)
Ashley Holzer
Tiva Nana
67.260 (GP) 67.260
Lindsey Stroh
64.180 (GP) 65.400 (GP)
65.294 (GPS) 
Evi Strasser
Renaissance Tyme
65.100 (GP) 65.540 (GP) 65.320 (GP) 63.060 (GP) 63.300(GP) 64.755
Joni Lynn Peters
66.180 (GP)  62.880(GP) 64.53
Wendy Christoff
64.180 (GP) 62.12 (GP) 63.880 (GP)
66.725 (GPS)

GDF1 – Global Dressage Festival, Florida – January 13-17, 2016
GDF3 – Global Dressage Festival, Florida – January 27 – 31, 2016
LAW1 – LA Winter Dressage CDI-W Burbank, California – January 28 – 31, 2016
GDF5 – Global Dressage Festival, Florida – February 11 – 14, 2016
GDF7 – Global Dressage Festival, Florida – February 24-28, 2016
GDF8 – Global Dressage Festival, Florida – March 3-6, 2016
DA – Dressage Affaire CDI3*, California – March 10-13
GDF10 – Global Dressage Festival, Florida – March 16-20

Declared riders who have not yet posted 2016 qualifying scores: 

Christilot Boylen
Diane Creech
Shannon Dueck
Pia Fortmuller
David Marcus
Tanya Strasser-Shostak
Simone Williams

FEI Athlete Ranking List

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