Canadian Eastern Dressage Championships-Nicole Ashley

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This past weekend we competed at the Canadian Dressage Championships. This is a special mention to my student, Nicole Ashley Folland. We often post about our success, but don't often talk about the tough days. Nicole had a very tough ride at the Championships on Saturday. Her beautiful horse, Serrano had a completely different idea in his mind of what he should be doing that day.....he had completely forgotten he is a competitive dressage horse and this was competition day! Nicole was not able to complete her test on Saturday. Every rider knows that feeling of devastation. The "What Happened" questions arise? After months of preparation and shows to get ready for the Championships, How could this happen on this day?? Well, Nicole had another competition test the next day. She got up early, got ready for the show and went in her test and rode her best test of the season! And she got her best score of the season, over 70% and won her class!! I am so proud of her courage, her tenacity and strength to go back in the ring and ride her heart out! This is what I call GRIT!!! Congratulations Nicole!! I am so proud of you!!!
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