My Heartfelt Thanks to My Sponsors

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"I love my new Alberto Fasciani boots--they are the most comfortable and beautiful boots I've ever ridden in!"  February 3, 2018, AGDF, Wellington Florida.


"I have been working with Jess Stringer for many years. she is an exceptional saddle fitter. Every horse i ride under jess’ keen eye are happy in their saddles. she constantly focuses on the small details to help each horse to achieve their optimum performance. I feel very lucky to have her in my team of experts.”
-Belinda Trussell, Olympian, World Cup and WEG competitor, Pan American Games Silver Medalist


"Thank you to Omega Alpha who continue to supply me with their incredible line of products. The Gastro fx was my friend this past weekend! Palgrave can be a very busy show and the gastro fx settles my horses stomach."  June 9, 2014, WEG qualifying.

"After traveling back from Florida, one of my young horses was out of sorts. He was girthy and more nervous than usual. I suspected he might have developed an ulcer from the trip, so I put him on Regenerq, from Omega Alpha and less than 10 days later he is completely back to his usual happy self. A great product!"  May 2, 2014.

"StreamZ Global introduce a revolutionary approach to magnetism that when applied efficiently streams minerals around the living system. This entirely unique and non invasive process creates no increase in heat allowing the technology to be worn for long periods of time and directly after exercise. Non-invasive magnetic therapy."  September, 2019

"I use the EQU StreamZ bands on my performance horses, retired horses and myself!  They are extremely effective at reducing inflammation.  My horses come out more supple for their training.  They are so simple and easy to use and a 'must have' in our barn!" - Belinda

"The Power of Results: The bonds we share with our horses are as powerful as they are. It’s a connection you have to experience to completely understand. And we do. As a trusted provider of premium equine nutrition, we pay tribute to the connection you have with your horse."  June, 2019